What is a Clean Room?

One of the technological methods used for the protection of human health is clean room systems . The clean room system which improves the air quality of the rooms, defense industry, universities, nanotechnology centers are used in many different areas, especially in health and food. What is a clean room in the future ? In addition to our answer to the question, we also mentioned different information about clean room systems.

What is a Clean Room?

What is a clean room? Let’s answer the question in a short and understandable way. 
Clean rooms , people, products, appliances and equipment according to internationally recognized standards of foul odors, dust, particles, germs and microorganisms such as temperature, pressure, noise level and air mobility to a certain level of hygienic rooms are called clean rooms.

It is a system that significantly increases the air quality and cleans the air to be supplied to the room from microorganisms, dust and particles. For this reason, it is frequently preferred especially in the field of health, defense industry, university laboratories, nanotechnology centers and food production areas. 
Below are the areas where cleanroom systems are most preferred.

– It is widely used in hospitals of the hospitals. 
-Common Industry 
-University Laboratories 
-Nanotechnology Centers -In- 
Technology Labs -Material 
and Food 
-Area Centers 
-In the field of defense industry and in the university laboratories, 
clean room systems are used in various departments of birth centers, especially in the areas of premature births. 
– It is widely preferred in laboratory environments where air quality is important. 
-It is preferred in the production parts of the drug producing places. 
– In the production parts of the food production facilities, clean room systems are preferred.
– Clean room system is used in scientific research centers according to the scope of the research.

It  is possible to use clean room systems in many different places similar to the above areas. In this way, it is aimed to ensure the hygiene conditions of the products manufactured during the production phase. Above, etc. clean air in the areas is of great importance. In order to avoid any problems in these areas, it is best to use clean room systems.

In very large production facilities, clean room systems can be installed on thousands of square meters of space and clean room works can be performed for smaller areas.

The use of materials to meet the standards for the establishment of the system is essential, as well as very important. For example, all of the items to be used here must be of a stainless nature. The fact that the sharp and flat surfaces are as low as possible is among the criteria that are required for this system.

Here you can  find our article about Clean Room Standards .

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