clean room standards
Clean Room Standards

What are the clean room standards?

Some generally accepted conditions are required to establish clean room standards. Within this framework, there are internationally published documents to ensure a clean room. In order to establish clean room systems, these rules must be strictly adhered to and must be carried out. With this scope, four different standards were defined in 2001 and the scope, descriptions, classification and conformity were listed among them.

What are the basic requirements for clean room standards?

In the general context:

– Providing automation systems to create an absolute clean environment which can be understood by everyone for clean room installation

– automatic operation of ventilation systems

– Good and ergonomic design has been made such items.

Because clean room systems are used in defense industry laboratories, health institutions, pharmaceutical production systems, microbiology laboratories, university laboratories, these areas must be strictly sealed, airtight and absolutely hygienic.

Updated Clean Room Standards

The internationally determined standards of the rooms are reviewed by the commission that is regularly and regularly collected and the requirements are changed and these standards are updated. For example, with the innovations introduced in 2015, some changes have been made in the design and measurements which have been touched on many different points.

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