Clean Room Requirements
Clean Room Systems

What Are Clean Room Systems And Where Are They Used?

The rooms arranged under certain conditions are called clean rooms in order to be used as hygienic. 

1-It has the ability to control the particle concentration in the region and control the ingress of these particles.

2- Air exchange design created

3- To be able to feel the differences such as temperature, humidity and pressure and to adjust these parameters

The clean room, which provides a continuous control system by creating a 4-retrospective recording, constitutes an important area for use in many different environments.

How to Install Clean Room Systems?

When the clean room systems are requested, a good examination is required in the area where the installation will be carried out. In order to install the room systems, a room installation is carried out in accordance with ISO 14644 and other standards, suitable for cleaning classes, providing circulation areas with its architectural structure, air conditioning unit can be installed, automatic control systems can be used and completely turnkey. In this way, room systems can be used in required areas with the required healthy and safe conditions.

Main Components for Clean Room Systems

Professionally installed cleanroom systems contain some of the main components in its content. These main components are used for the creation of continuous fresh air in a manner that provides control to ensure ventilation while heating and cooling systems are located. In the parting stage, primarily all materials are coated with materials that are durable and highly resistant to atmospheric corrosion. Ergonomically designed designs are applied in a design that will allow easy cleaning and eliminate the risks, and the installation is completed with many different automation systems for the complete creation of the components.

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