What are Clean Room Equipments?

Clean rooms that are becoming increasingly popular nowadays and wondered by everyone can be referred to as pressurizing the environment to remove small dust particles. Clean rooms often require regular measurements and removal of wastes and contaminants in the environment. The objectives of the clean room operations include disinfection, removal of microbes, removal of dust particles, prevention of the discharge of particulates into the atmosphere, control of pressures and humidity, and savings by using low energies within the scope of possibilities. In clean room equipment, filter systems, negative plenum deinfection technologies, sealing guarantees and UV inactivation equipment are taking place.

What are Original Design Clean Room Equipment?

Clean Room Equipments

Although clean room equipment has an overall design, specially designed materials are also available. Original and special design clean room equipment is always designed and used in accordance with clean room criteria. At the same time, fabricated productions with high capacity are also available. Monobloc smooth surface and seamless connection technology, using the highest quality is provided in the process. There are also ergonomic designs with rounded corners. There are also different types of models that can vary depending on the need. These models are generally passive or dynamic air lock controls, equipment available to the plant in adaptable dimensions, equipment that can be integrated into the plant and advanced, mechanically controlled electronic equipment.

High Quality Clean Room Equipment

Clean room equipment should be of high quality in order to perform at desired level of functionality. Some features are required to see if cleanroom equipment is of high quality. These properties include long-lasting and durable materials, coating antimicrobial corrosion-resistant surfaces and frequent maintenance and repairs. It is always easy to get reliable and fast technical service.

Advanced Technology Products Produced in Clean Rooms

Within the scope of clean rooms, products with advanced technology are produced or investigated. Within the scope of these products, particle numbers are compared and moisture content, temperatures, vibrations, safety, working times and qualifications of the products are considered as research subjects. Very expensive equipment is used with careful attention and meticulous work. All the criteria for production are fulfilled domestically and works are carried out to prevent sensitive devices from damaging the environment.

Low Cost Working Environment

In most people’s view, clean rooms and equipment in these rooms are considered low-cost work environments. Service is available 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day. These technical services, which also have the option of remote intervention, can help you in any situation. They can also provide web content with information and guidance.

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