Clean Room Installation

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Clean Room Installation

Thanks to its air quality enhancing feature, clean room installation which is preferred in defense industry, universities, nanotechnology centers health and food sectors is of great importance for places operating in these areas.

What is a clean room before going into details about cleanroominstallation   It would be more accurate to answer the question.

Clean room; Clean room systems are the special areas where the room temperature, humidity and air pressure are kept under control and the incoming air is purified from dust, particles and all kinds of microorganisms. Since it significantly improves air quality, it is especially important to use them in critical locations.

Where is clean room installation suitable for?

For some areas, the cleanroom installation is extremely important. However, there is no harm in using them in different places. 
The most frequently used areas of cleanroom installation are the special parts of the hospitals. In these areas where hygiene is of the utmost importance, it is the only method without any alternative to improve air quality by cleaning the air. While it is important to use in areas such as operating theaters, private laboratories and delivery centers, it is also used in the pharmaceutical production facilities in the health sector.

Apart from the health sector, clean room installation is also used in the food sector. The companies that produce high quality food products use clean room systems in important areas by respecting the hygiene rules in a high level. 
On the defense industry side, clean rooms are essential for sensitive nanotechnological studies and processes.

Clean Room Installation

The panels used in the clean room installation are laminated with high pressure pressures of at least 2 mm on both sides. The internal insulation of the panels is made of EPS material. Partition panels used in clean room installation are manufactured to withstand pressures of -100 and +100 Pa. 
The airlock room of clean room systems is quite important and helpful. This room can be thought of as a small doorway and consists of two doors.

The location of the room is located at the entrance of the clean room. With HEPA filters, fresh air is blown continuously into this room. The most important reason for the presence of two doors in this room is that the pressure values ​​of other rooms are not impaired. Therefore, the other door is not opened before closing a door in this room. Thanks to this feature, the pressure in the clean rooms is not disturbed and the air is prevented from entering the filter through the door.

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