For many years, we have been working on Information Technologies and Technology Based Solutions, we have set up our company by bringing together a team who want to carry on their knowledge to a more professional level and want to continue on their way. The most important of our main objectives is to create high-quality engineering solutions based on sectoral deprivations, to create projects with industrial value-added and to make a difference.

Our company, which will carry out studies in accordance with the knowledge of various engineers at the undergraduate, graduate and doctorate levels within our team, will be at the service of our valued customers who wish to have solutions that are unique to the activity. 

Our company, infrastructure and knowledge, information technologies, electrochemical coating methods (ECM-EDM), defense systems detail products, chemical-resistant materials with special device solutions, solutions that require the use of engineering plastics, Polypropylene (PP-PPs), polyethylene, PVC The company will start to provide services related to the design of ANTI static PVC, PVDF Welding and Forming, Electroplated Coating Systems, and the optional Chemical Fume Cups and Laboratory design and will add new ones to its solutions every day. 

At the same time, with expert representatives of foreign firms in Turkey provide alternative products and also provides a range of issues that will be large. First, electroplating and many more custom fields needed in the DC-DC Pulse Reverse power supplies have a serious PLATING ELECTRONIC percent of the world market on behalf of companies and DYNATRONIX distributorship agreement with Turkey have been completed. ,

Yet of liquids in chemical baths used in the laboratory to speed with the times and world-leading manufacturer of FLOOR KING firm filterlen Turkey was agreed Authorized Sales Representative. There is a disaggregation agreement with JACO brand regarding polypropylene hose and fittings not affected by the chemical. We are in a distributorship agreement with Marquest Scientific, which can provide a wide range of materials such as PP, PVC and PFD for lab fittings and taps. 

Our company, which determines the principle of being able to produce solutions firstly by creating a difference in perception and evaluating the demands in a very detailed manner, and determining the working principle in this solution, aims to advance by gaining the trust of our valued customers.